With Liz Cheney’s ouster, the GOP is the cancel culture party


p 1 with liz cheneyand8217s ouster the gop is officially the party of cancel culture

The individuals have spoken—and by “individuals,” I imply the Republicans, and by “have spoken,” I imply they’ve cemented their dedication to cancel culture.

As of Wednesday morning, Home GOP Convention Chair Liz Cheney, the inspiration for the ClickHole headline, Heartbreaking: The Worst Person You Know Just Made a Great Point, is now not in her management position. As Home Minority Chief Kevin McCarthy claims, the party has purged Cheney as a result of she is too centered on “relitigating the past,” and by “the previous,” he means January 6, 2021. The reality, nonetheless, is plain and apparent for anybody to see. Cheney’s ouster is a direct results of her refusal to accept Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, and the remainder of the party’s refusal to just accept any deviation from their chosen alternate actuality.

“I cannot sit again and watch in silence whereas others lead our party down a path that abandons the rule of legislation,” Cheney stated on the evening earlier than the vote, throughout a fiery speech that was poorly attended, resulting from almost all Home Republicans deciding to walk out on it. (This transfer may very well be thought-about by some as “political theater,” although admittedly it doesn’t conform with current GOP definitions of the phrase, which embrace wearing a mask during a pandemic and making an attempt to enact gun management after a mass capturing.)


The concept Cheney’s biggest sin is “looking backwards, not forwards” is fairly wealthy coming from a party currently performing a 2020 election audit in Arizona and clinging to the doffed red hat of its deposed former chief. It’s not even the most obvious hypocrisy round Cheney’s destiny, although. No, that may most likely be the almost 5 months the GOP has spent portray “cancel culture” as the greatest threat to freedom, whereas additionally openly restricting voting rights just for certain people in states that Donald Trump misplaced in 2020.

Some fast background about what canceling means on this context. It’s a phrase that originated in Black culture to explain phenomena like individuals turning against Justin Timberlake after that Britney Spears documentary earlier this 12 months, or individuals getting mad at a comedian for being racist earlier this week. “Justin Timberlake is canceled!” one may say in such a scenario, which means “I’m mad at Justin Timberlake and I don’t know if he can repair it!”

In some unspecified time in the future, nonetheless,  the idea of canceling turned conflated with a number of separate points, together with censorship, wrongful termination, and the thought of penalties usually. This 12 months, that conflation exploded into an all-encompassing battle cry for the Republican party.

Senator Josh Hawley positioned himself as an emblem of cancel culture run amok upon dropping company donors and a e-book take care of Simon & Schuster following his baseless vote to overturn the 2020 election results. Past Hawley’s self-martyrdom, Republicans decried cancel culture as the purpose Donald Trump was banned from social media, the purpose Dr. Seuss’s property stopped printing some of its lesser-known tomes, the purpose the Mr. Potato Head family of products is now generally known as merely ‘Potato Head,’ and naturally, the purpose that a horse was given performance-enhancing drugs.

All the Republican-led scaremongering round cancel culture isn’t about the mere proven fact that extra individuals have means to demand penalties for unhealthy conduct nowadays, however reasonably that the mechanism for delivering these penalties could be abused. As an alternative of confronting and debating every perceived abuse on the deserves, individuals like Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz select to denounce the murky broader idea of cancel culture altogether as a device of the left for punishing “wrongthink.”

However what may very well be a extra sterling instance of exactly what the proper portends to concern than the elimination of Liz Cheney from its management for the crime of acknowledging actuality! It’s much more brazen a hypocrisy contemplating that a number of party members, together with Senator Mitch McConnell and Rep. McCarthy, agreed with Cheney’s evaluation of actuality simply after the January rebel, earlier than GOP headwinds shifted towards unifying, as soon as once more, round disgraced former President Trump.


Hypocrisy is nothing new for Republicans, and definitely isn’t exclusive to them. Nevertheless, cancel culture has been the party’s wedge subject du jour all 12 months lengthy, and it was pushed by points associated to the very purpose Liz Cheney has now been “canceled”—her views on the election and subsequent rebel. The way in which that she and fellow Trump-condemner Senator Mitt Romney are being treated inside the party now is only a flagrant, too-easily-provable, shameless, gross hypocrisy that can’t go unaddressed.

At the second, greater than 100 Republicans, together with a number of former office-holders, are prepping a letter threatening to form a third party if the Republicans in energy don’t change course. It’s an empty menace, in fact—third events famously being tough to determine as something greater than single-digit p.c election-spoilers—but it surely proves that the distaste for Republican fealty to Donald Trump extends past the Democrats.

If the broader party refuses to heed this menace and continues excising all dissent from its ranks, nonetheless, the least it may do is cease additionally banging the drum about cancel culture.

“Not like the left, we embrace free thought and debate,” McCarthy wrote in his letter asserting this week’s vote to strip Cheney of her management.

It’s a traditional case of the pot calling the kettle a pot.