Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath dishes on the future of electric cars


Tesla isn’t the solely firm that may construct a fantastic electric automobile. And that’s a degree confirmed by Polestar—the Swedish automobile firm that was born as a skunkworks racing workforce for Volvo and spun off to be one of the most promising, premium electric car firms in the world.

Whereas Tesla delivers unparalleled numbers in vary, acceleration, and worth, Polestar is constructing electric cars for automobile lovers, by balancing efficiency with the full design package deal of a extremely polished car.

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Thomas Ingenlath [Photo: Polestar]

The corporate made its first splash in 2017 with a $150,000 premium hybrid with a full carbon fiber physique. However 2020 was the firm’s banner 12 months, when it started promoting its totally electric Polestar 2 “fastback” (suppose SUV crossed with a sedan) to rave opinions. As Top Gear noted, this $50,000 car “is a sensational-looking machine in the steel, crisp and recent and clean-cut, loaded with presence however splendidly unadorned with faux vents or dummy-aero nonsense. It appears to be like like the automobile the future promised.”

Polestar’s design prowess shouldn’t be stunning. Its CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, is an completed designer by commerce, who spent a long time designing Bugattis, Lamborghinis, and Volkswagens. Then he took over as Volvo’s VP of design in 2012, ushering the firm into a brand new golden age. As Car Magazine put it, “Ingenlath has taken all that’s good about Volvo—stable, protected, useful—and sprinkled a heavy dose of Scandinavian styling magic mud.” That success led him to turn out to be the CEO of Polestar in 2017.


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[Photo: Polestar]

Ingenlath has settled in as CEO, however throughout our expansive, hour-long interview, it’s clear that he nonetheless has the coronary heart of a designer. He’s additionally remarkably outspoken for a prime government. Learn our interview to listen to him dish on the whole lot from how he results in his bets on the radical future of car design.

Quick Firm: Why did you turn out to be a automobile designer? Have been you all the time an enormous automobile fan?

Thomas Ingenlath: My design curiosity was certainly in some way rooted with cars, however I used to be all the time very skeptical about that myself—it felt an excessive amount of like the boy’s dream.

I found there’s really a career like that after I purchased a automobile journal that had a portion from Ford’s design studio in Cologne, and I noticed, it’s really a career! They usually had this cowl story on the Ford Fiesta, additionally referred to as the Bobcat.

I used to be like, wow, they’ve a clay mannequin with all these individuals working on it!

Wait, you’re telling me a Ford Fiesta received you into automobile design? I’ve to say, that’s fairly stunning!


Properly, Fiesta taught me there was a design career [laughs]. That intrigued me about automobile design.

What touched me, the place I mentioned, “Wow, it is a piece of artwork”—that was a canopy of a automobile journal. It was coated in little squares. You would not acknowledge what it was. And it was a [Lamborghini] Countach. They usually’d photographed all these angles of this Countach. It was so creative and summary.”

Ha, that makes extra sense. So your destiny was sealed by a Lamborghini and a Ford. How’d you get began designing cars?

In Germany [where I grew up] there was an excellent design schooling, however not for cars. There’s the Bauhaus historical past and all that. So I did industrial design as the first basis; it gave me rather a lot of capacity to speak about design and analyze it.

I did that for 2 years, and I mentioned, “It’s precisely lacking what I like about automobile design—the extra emotional, enthusiastic method.” That’s after I gave into that boyhood dream. “Okay, I’ve been so rational about it, now let’s go for the dream.”

I went to automobile design school, supported by Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes. I’ve to say it was superb. It was a mix of being obsessed with it, and on the different hand, having a lot time to do the design job completely.

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Polestar 2 [Photo: Polestar]

Automotive design didn’t really feel as rushed as industrial design?

That’s what I really like about automobile design. It’s long-lasting. It’s not one thing you launch for 2 years and it’s gone. You spend a lot time designing it as a result of it’s on the market for eight years. That seriousness of designing towards perfection . . . it wasn’t superficial!

That was all the time my ardour. I by no means knew every automobile from yearly. I used to be all the time like, “I like this automobile,” however I couldn’t participate in that experience discuss. However then in any case these years, Jesus, I spent 20 years doing automobile design and operating totally different firms!

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Polestar 1 [Photo: Polestar]

How would you like the public to really feel after they see a Polestar car?

The dream is to create an ethos of desirability, and private, actually connected feeling to it. I’m not shying away from that romantic relationship between you and your product in any respect. I hate if issues turn out to be too nameless, and it’s only a automobile to get from level A to B. An electric automobile doesn’t simply need to be a automobile to get from A to B in an environmentally pleasant means. I desire a automobile that you just’re as obsessed with as a Porsche 911.


Have been you fearful about entering into the CEO position after a long time of design?

I had been half of the government administration workforce at Volvo for years by that point. I used to be by no means shy of an opinion of heaps of issues, so individuals knew I had opinions past design. You can not draw back then once you lastly have an opportunity and go, “Ehhh, no.”

How a lot totally different is your position totally different now? Do you continue to really feel like a designer?

It’s totally different. [My] being a designer first has a giant affect on the firm, as a result of sure issues are clearly pushed by design considering. Once I meet with my venture managers and engineers . . . design considering is all the time driving my choices. I say, “We will do this, however did you take into account it might have this impact?”

And design is one of the strongest profiles of our firm. Once we do a present, it’s clear [our cars are] not a mediocre compromise as a result of heaps of opinions got here collectively.

In fact, I needed to show and need to show I can run an organization with smart financial choices. However I may virtually make the level, “How may a contemporary firm be led by anybody else however a designer?” As a result of, at the moment, a lot relies upon on what you really ship to a buyer.

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[Photo: Polestar]

How so?

By now, we all know the success of a automobile just isn’t dependent on whether or not the combustion engine is a superb engine or not. In the previous, of course a automobile firm was dependent on the tech working . . . and now we all know that’s not the differentiator. It’s about all the interfaces you construct, the means that know-how is communicated . . . that know-how turns into a user-valid factor. And that’s the place I believe our career is skilled to do this the greatest, to search out the greatest use of know-how, and talk it to a buyer.

Polestar was born at Volvo, so how a lot of Volvo design is in Polestar?

The mannequin vary we had deliberate at the starting was very a lot inside the premise and workforce of the Volvo design nucleus. And slowly we developed the two groups. Nonetheless there’s a excessive synergy as a result of it’s a fantastic workforce working collectively.

The Polestar 1 was clearly a Volvo remodeled into Polestar. Then for the Polestar 2, there isn’t any Volvo model of it. It’s clearly the begin of our electric age. However Polestars 3 and 4 will drive that separation additional and additional, to the level we are saying, “That is how far we wish to be differentiated.”

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[Photo: Polestar]

Now that you just’re CEO, how a lot is design nonetheless your jurisdiction?

Maximilian Missoni clearly drives the design. Once I was the boss of design [at Volvo], I used to be so into the particulars, and in the every day work driving perfection and element. That I can’t do anymore. That I go away as much as Maximillian. [But] I attempt to spend time along with Max in the design studio. He very a lot appreciates my opinion. He is aware of that’s how we may be higher collectively making choices. And it’s nonetheless a excessive involvement.

How a lot involvement in hours every week? Are you able to say?

I can simply break it down! I spend six hours of my week in the design studio, and that’s it. No more but in addition not much less. In all probability the identical as some design bosses spend in the design studio! [laughs]

But it surely’s pure. I’m going in there, and in any case these years coaching, I’m so related to it. Even when I’m not in the design studio, I’m enthusiastic about it. Having the ability to decide a product as a result of, over the years, you’ve realized how issues will find yourself, is useful.

[However], this doesn’t assist me in the manufacturing unit. There, I’ve to rely on experience and judgment [of others] rather a lot.

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[Photo: Polestar]

What’s the automobile business getting proper, and what’s it getting unsuitable, as we transition to electric?

There’s this part of uncertainty. That’s what’s very, very uncomfortable. In the event you’ve been growing cars for 25 years, to all of a sudden come into this part not figuring out how briskly the business will change to electric, it’s such a troublesome time.

Having mentioned that, we’re past that time now. Some courageous firms did it already final 12 months, some firms are doing it now. Now it’s full energy forward.

I virtually really feel prefer it’s a aid, now we all know, now simply go and put the cash into it. I believe the second that that is the clear path, will probably be simple once more, after which you will notice conventional [manufacturers] catching up of course, and [electric] being a profitable factor.

Do you wish to compete with all of them? And launch a Polestar at the $35,000 common worth of a car?

We won’t be that mass market, like how I see Tesla goes mass market. Our journey is to remain way more premium. The Polestar 2, and single-motor variant, will probably be our base [for around $50,000]. It’s definitely not an affordable automobile, honest sufficient, nevertheless it makes it attainable for lots of individuals to personal such a ravishing product.

You lately introduced a plan to construct a carbon-neutral automobile by 2030. Isn’t that dangerous to do now, as so many different automobile producers are getting into the market and constructing cheap electrics?

You’re completely proper, it’s very a lot a contradiction, doing that and having it on an economically good scale. To start out with, we don’t know at the moment tips on how to do it in any respect. This venture is to search out out what are the methods to get to actually CO2 impartial. It’s all the time that this won’t be low-cost to begin with, however as soon as you understand how to do it, you possibly can deliver it to scale.

We all know we have now to resolve it! So we can’t draw back from it. Let’s take that as a goal to begin with. And why is it any extra dreamy or unusual to drive for than to say, “Let’s fly to Mars and begin dwelling on Mars!”?

In the event you evaluate that, I believe [zero carbon cars are] a significantly better objective. Truthful sufficient, it won’t be a mass-produced automobile in 2030 that we are able to supply to the mass market, but when we make that product, and have realized tips on how to do it, then will probably be the subsequent step to scale it.

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[Photo: Polestar]

You’re purposefully working underneath uncertainty.

It’s about setting your self a objective, after which studying alongside the means. Clearly, this appears unique now. I inform you, in 4 to 5 years, this will probably be the widespread objective for everyone. At present, the state authorities is clearly setting emission targets for cars. The zero-emission code is ready. Tomorrow, there will probably be the subsequent legislation implementation: how a lot of a CO2 burden do you permit a automobile to have when it’s leaving a manufacturing unit gate. And I’m fairly certain the race begins there. However there’s no focus on it at the moment. That focus will shift.

And when it does, you’ll have a four-year lead?

Sure, precisely!

We’ve seen rather a lot of designers think about how cars would possibly look when they’re electric and autonomous—extra like rooms on wheels than cockpitted autos. Thus far, Polestar’s design is premium, however not radical on this means. Are you enthusiastic about that?

AV has its two sides to it. On one hand, it’ll combine into this extra conventional-looking automobile, as a result of will probably be used as a further standing, once you’re on the freeway and also you wish to change off, lay again and sleep and the automobile takes over the driving. However there’s solely sure intervals [this works]; it’s very troublesome to deal with all the conditions when drivers need to take over.

Then you’ve the different ingredient, what you can name robo taxi. It’s a capsule. And that may be a huge query. They’ll come, undoubtedly, nevertheless it requires that [self-driving cars] can deal with all the conditions, excluding that it’s essential take over sooner or later. Solely then are you free to design that UFO look. I don’t know when will probably be attainable to do this.

Typically, individuals suppose that cars have this huge entrance hood that’s been decided as a result of of the engine. However there’s rather a lot of ergonomics [to consider], like the driver trying via a window, and pedestrian safety from the outdoors. Volumes in the entrance of the automobile will solely change should you can 100% assure there will probably be no accident. That’s why electric cars haven’t modified the look of the automobile. And the way a lot a robo taxi has to do for crash safety, we should see.

[Car design] will certainly change. Individuals sitting in a circle in the automobile, enjoying playing cards as they drive? I’m trying ahead to that as nicely.

However you realize, when cars can drive themselves completely, rather a lot of individuals suppose that may kill the expertise of driving. As a result of a human driving a automobile may very well be deemed unsafe.

My god, you reside in a rustic with so many kilometer stretches. I can’t think about you’ll forbid mankind from driving cars [laughs]. You’re nonetheless sporting weapons!