Mindful Leadership Practices For Busy, Distracted Leaders

Relaxed businessman taking break holding hands behind head enjoying rest

Relaxed businessman taking break holding hands behind head enjoying rest

Mindfulness will increase resilience, collaboration, and the flexibility to cope with complexity. Sound … [+] helpful? In that case, you’ll be able to construct your mindfulness muscle by scheduling these 4 15-minute practices.


The analysis on mindfulness is evident. It improves resilience, the capability to collaborate, and the flexibility to guide in advanced situations. However for it to work, you should commit.

If changing into extra aware is one in every of your New 12 months’s resolutions, and even for those who’re simply curious concerning the subject, you’re not alone. An increasing number of executives are on the lookout for mindfulness practices to help develop their leadership capacity. We’ve discovered fast hits of aware actions can go a good distance towards bringing extra focus to your private {and professional} life.

How you can get began with mindfulness

We’re extra more likely to fail at large commitments. To forestall that from occur, make a bite-sized dedication to mindfulness. Start by blocking quarter-hour every week for the following month. Don’t simply intend to do it–schedule an appointment in your calendar now, and copy-and-paste one of many workout routines beneath into your calendar, so you may have a plan of how you can use that point.

Earlier than you start, spend one minute scribbling all the things that’s in your thoughts onto a sticky observe. Then put the observe apart, trusting that you may come again to it once you’re achieved. Along with your thoughts now clear, shut your door and start your chosen exercise.

15-minute mindfulness practices for leaders

Meditation: Maybe the obvious of all mindfulness practices, meditation has grown common by means of apps like Headspace. Some corporations even present free subscriptions to meditation apps as a part of their wellness plans. If conventional meditation has been a battle for you, compassion meditation could be a good place to begin as it’s centered on others. We like the meditation offered by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, a number one scholar who research the impression of meditation on bodily and emotional well being. Her “compassionate love” meditation is free, and 14-minutes lengthy.

Lectio Divina: Lectio divina is a monastic follow of meditative studying. Choose a bit of scripture sacred of significant textual content, only a few strains, and skim it slowly. Discover a phrase or phrase that draws you and repeat it quietly, permitting your self to be interested in what it means. In case you are an individual of religion, you’ll be able to ask God to disclose the passage’s message to you. Or just ponder what the passage is perhaps saying to you. Learn the entire passage once more, a number of occasions. In your last learn by means of, ask, “What am I to do now, based mostly on this info?” Want a textual content on your lectio divina follow? Decide one in every of these short readings from Parker Palmer.

Aerial view of a natural labyrinth in the garden. Photo from the drone

Labyrinths have supplied meditative area for over 4000 years. Convey the follow to your desk with a … [+] finger labyrinth.


Finger labyrinth: Strolling a backyard labyrinth has been a meditative follow utilized by students and non secular pilgrims for over 4000 years. Finger labyrinths carry the follow to your desk, with printable variations that you just hint along with your fingertip. At first look, a labyrinth seems to be like a maze, however mazes have lifeless ends and are designed to confuse. A labyrinth has a transparent entrance and exit and follows a winding path with no obstacles alongside the best way. The target is to hint the trail along with your finger whereas your thoughts focuses on the exercise. Our colleague Dr. Nancy Sayer of InterConnexion Consulting likes sharing labyrinths with corners. She encourages contributors to maneuver by means of the labyrinth at a snail’s tempo, along with your thoughts on a management mantra or intention. At every nook, Sayer suggests taking a number of deep inhales and exhales, whereas asking what the mantra means on your management now. Discover printable labyrinths right here.  

Respiration: Training deeper inhales and exhales can do wonders to clear your thoughts and calm nervousness. Begin by making an attempt the 4-7-8 approach: breath in for 4 seconds, maintain for seven, and exhale for 8 seconds. (It’s tougher to do than you would possibly count on.) Or discover a five-minute respiratory meditation on YouTube.

Want extra mindfulness follow concepts? Our free January 14th government schooling webinar will train three further strategies: visualization, journaling, and Pantoum poetry.

Searching for different methods to develop your management? You can begin by watching extra TV.