How to meditate like an Olympic athlete


To carry out on the highest ranges, Olympic athletes train extra than simply their our bodies; they train their minds to deal with the strain of competitors. Whereas most of us won’t ever obtain their stage of athletic prowess, the psychological methods Olympians use to win are the identical practices any of us can use to enhance our focus and psychological endurance, says Matthew Ferry, creator Quiet Mind Epic Life.

An athlete’s life may be extraordinarily intense, says Ferry. “They need to be on the high of their recreation and be peaceable,” he says. “They want to be in a peaceful and peaceable state to have the option to carry out properly.”

Mediation offers you with a platform for quieting the noise that’s in your thoughts so you possibly can focus in your intention, however it takes self-discipline, says Ferry.


“The world is noisy, and life is busy,” he says. “Every little thing feels pressing. Taking just a few moments to your psychological well being is analogous to taking just a few moments to get a therapeutic massage. To be practical, you want to handle your self. It’s pragmatic.”

Meditation Misconceptions

Many individuals resist meditation as a result of they assume it requires sitting nonetheless for lengthy durations of time along with your eyes closed. “That’s not true,” says Ferry. “It’s getting current in your thoughts, and gently directing your thoughts the place you need to go.”

Paradoxically, believing misconceptions about what meditation is meant to be could cause agitation and perpetual failure, which is the precise reverse of the advantages it may well present. As an alternative of holding your self accountable to guidelines that don’t exist, Ferry suggests reducing the bar and letting go of the concepts about meditation you created in your head. Begin small, akin to, stopping as soon as a day, closing your eyes, and taking lengthy, sluggish deep breaths.

“Our whole world is about elevating the bar,” he says. “Once you decrease the bar on meditation, it turns into unimaginable not to do. Eliminating the foundations removes all of the strain and really creates a model of meditation that may be terribly empowering.”

Olympic-style Meditation

Whereas every Olympic athlete has their very own model of meditation, lots of them are energetic types. “They meditate whereas doing their sport,” says Ferry. “They’re specializing in one thing they need to accomplish or obtain whereas they’re doing it.”


To actively meditate, focus in your respiration and rhythm of motion. Get fully current to your physique and thoughts, explains Ferry. For instance, you possibly can take a 15-minute break out of your desk and stroll outside. Stroll and breath in rhythm with every step. “Breathe in, taking 4 steps, after which breathe out with 4 steps,” suggests Ferry. “This helps you get current within the second, which you should use later when your thoughts meets resistance.”

These unfavorable ideas you’ve got in your thoughts are survival expertise, says Ferry, who calls this voice your “drunk monkey” thoughts. “The drunk monkey’s job is to discover issues which might be incorrect or might be incorrect,” he says. “Discover the drunk monkey and acknowledge it, after which inform your self you’re not within the jungle.”

Daydreaming will also be a type of meditation. After they’re competing, athletes usually fantasize concerning the end result they’re attempting to accomplish, creating muscle reminiscence of their thoughts. “The dogma of wishing issues into existence has been widespread for the reason that guide The Secret,” says Ferry. “Seeing one thing as a actuality is a scientific approach to visualize what you need and produce it into actuality.”

Nonetheless, don’t confuse wishing with magic. “We aren’t magical beings who can want issues into existence,” he says. “Visualization for athletes is about stepping into alignment, so they’re mentally aligned with an end result that then offers them new concepts and insights about how to push their our bodies to go farther.”

The Advantages

Meditation provides many benefits for data staff. For instance, Ferry coaches a number of portfolio managers on Wall Road on mindfulness. “These persons are comparable to high-performance skilled athletes in that they need to deliver their best possible to work daily and transfer at blazing speeds whereas remaining current and unemotional within the course of,” he says. “The excessive performer finds a approach to go inside and take away the psychological resistance that may inevitably come up as attempting to obtain objectives and goals.”

Meditation helps you’re feeling extra restored and rested. It reduces stress and can mitigate some of the anxieties we really feel daily. “You don’t have to observe the foundations,” says Ferry. “It’d take two or three weeks, however the greatest profit you’ll get is a renewed power and enthusiasm for all times.”