Does vitamin D protect against COVID-19? New research


Can consuming vitamin D protect against COVID-19? Perhaps: A series of studies now means that low vitamin D ranges could correlate with increased charges of COVID-19 infections.

The latest research is predicated on the Black Ladies’s Well being Examine, an ongoing 26-year examine of 59,000 Black girls. Researchers discovered that Black girls with poor ranges of vitamin D had a 69% larger danger of COVID-19 an infection. Ladies with low vitamin D ranges and weight problems had been notably in danger. The correlation held when controlling for different components like training, socioeconomic standing, and family dimension.

“Almost one out of 4 individuals have vitamin D blood ranges which might be too low or insufficient for bone and general well being,” says lead writer Yvette Cozier, affiliate professor of epidemiology at Boston College Faculty of Public Well being. “Our examine supplies one more reason why enough ranges of vitamin D are vital: The potential for reducing danger of COVID-19 an infection.”


Caveats: Research on the subject is ongoing, and one study on 449 COVID-19 patients in the UK Biobank discovered no correlation between vitamin D ranges and COVID-19 incidence. Different research, together with one on 190,000 Americans, another on 489 patients, and one on the mean vitamin D levels across 20 European countries, have discovered a correlation. Scientific trials are underway to definitively decide whether or not consuming vitamin D helps scale back the danger of COVID-19.

The research appeared yesterday in PLoS One.